About Amble+Toast


We are Amy and Tim; a couple that enjoys ambling through life with a good toast to end the day.

We met in 2017 as we hiked along the Pacific Crest Trail for a fundraising charity 28-mile one day hike along the when we stumbled upon each other. We began chatting and found the conversation to flow easily. We ended up hiking together for 10 miles. I was drawn to his kind eyes, and he apparently enjoyed hiking behind me. But that was it, just 10 great serendipitous miles.

Fast forward 6 months. The world brought back together. Neither of us knew the other was attracted or interested each other, but me being the smooth (not) person I am had no problem making it obvious. Neither of us could wait for our first date. So much so that we spontaneously went on our first-date a day prior to when it was originally planned. We've been inseperable ever since.

Turns out, when you get two wanderlust hearts together, adventure awaits! We both dreamt of living abroad in Europe before we met, so we made it happen. Not a year into dating we picked up everyting and traveled through Europe then headed to Thailand. As of now, we're back in the United States, but are far from done traveling! We fixed up a third generation 4Runner, added a rooftop tent, and plan on camping, road tripping, and overlanding as much as possible.

We don't have a set-in-stone plan or end date to our adventures. In fact, we don't see the adventure ending. This will be a space to share the stories of our travels, our lessons learned, and our favorite places. We hope you enjoy the wild ride!

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